About All Things WomanHi, I’m Michelle. But some call me Chee. In the past, I’ve also been known as hantu or tikus; both of which I still don’t understand why. Writing bios that are captivating and funny is hard work especially when you’re a modest woman packed with talent. But being committed to trying something at least once, here’s my story.

Just like Alice (of Wonderland or Underland), I have changed countless times since I got up. As much as I’d like to deny it daily routines, sticky habits and societal demands do shape and influence me. I morph from one identity to another as the day, week, months and years progress.

WTF – you must be thinking – does this woman not know who she is? Yes, I do but then again I also don’t. How do you write about someone you’ve yet to know or become? I believe our journey of self-identity is ongoing and constantly changing, evolving. It is one I am continuously learning to enjoy and be patient with. 

Taking it back to the beginning

My relationship with digital technology began with my first dial-up modem. I didn’t know it then but it was during those moments of anxiously waiting to be connected that would later on become an important part of my life. 

Being online gave me a new understanding of being connected. During a period where I was trying to find myself amidst extroverted friends in loud environments, I discovered a quiet connection that extended beyond my physical reality.

The internet opened a whole new world for me and I very quickly got used to this way of life. I “met” new friends, learnt that moderating a chatroom was not as fun as it sounded, and discovered that HTML codes made more sense to me than F=MA. 

Life, today

About All Things Woman

Visiting Coney Island, New York

I am Michelle, a 30-something year old girl-woman who has a tendency to write out her inner monologue in brackets (can you tell?). I love warm, humid days and tropical islands. I love to travel and see the world but I am bias towards any place with a beach, white sand and calm seas. I’m a big lover of food (always up for a food-venture), and in recent years discovered I love cooking as much as I love eating.

In my school days, I was voted most likely to be a weather girl. I, even today, don’t understand why or how. I’m not good with the weather nor am I a natural in front of a camera (anymore) even though I have been in television commercials.

A Myers-Briggs online quiz categorised me as an INFJ, which I am pretty comfortable with at this time of my life. I am also secretly stoked to be an introvert (guess it’s not a secret anymore?). As much as I hate labels, I love that my love and longing for solitude is not as strange as how others make it out to be.

In my 20s I suffered from anxiety and depression. I refer to them as the darkness because that’s what it felt like to me. I don’t keep my past a secret because I see it as one of the best things that happened to me. It was only in this darkness that I could see the light. Depression taught me many things and led me to find and reconnect with others. Like yoga, meditation, and embracing courage to live my life open, vulnerable and full of love (and light).

What’s All Things Woman about?

Writing has always been a way I communicate best. The written word leaves time for reflection and purpose, unlike the spoken, which can be impatient and brash. All Things Woman started and stopped years ago as a content site to write about my observations, adventures and misadventures of life. Alas, like a true blue Libran I changed my mind as I tired of its name but kept it because I’m a sentimental being. But hey, like a true blue Libran I remained loyal and returned to its domain.

All Things Woman is an avenue for women from all walks of life to connect over the silly and serious. I hope for it to also be a space to share useful information from my other life that will help others on their blogging journey.

As you browse the site, please know that through every post and story shared – the unique as well as the mundane – I hope it ultimately inspires you to live a life less ordinary.


For general enquires or just to say hi at hello@allthingswoman.com.au

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