Photos: The Blue Mansion, Penang

I always make it a point to stay at The Blue Mansion whenever I am in Penang. Besides its convenient location to some pretty awesome coffee shops (Joo Hooi for cendol, asam laksa, and char kuay teow / Sin Kheng Aun for traditional Hakka dishes), I look forward to being surrounded  by history.

I am bias, of course. I hold many dear memories of the place and though all of that is now in the past, I still keep close to my heart.

The Blue Mansion is a boutique hotel that also runs daily tours for tourists and/or visitors. As a guest you are entitled to attend any of the tours for free. If schedule permits, I wholeheartedly recommend the Friday morning tours as the owner herself gives an animated, personal and informative tour.

I stayed on the right hand side of the mansion in the Lean Hwa room, which is not next door to Red Garden food court monstrosity (do not patron!). If you’re looking for a quiet room, ask to be in this side of the house.

As a hotel, service of the mansion is impeccable and the staff at the Blue Mansion take great pride and care in ensuring a relaxing stay. Over the years, management of the Mansion have taken great care with constant improvements to the place. From little touches like a turn down service, to a lovely basket of traditional nyonya kuih (pastry) every night. It was delightful to return to this lovely treats after a long day of traipsing around the island.

It is of course, not a Hilton. And that is precisely what leaves me completely enchanted.

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